In the Franconian Switzerland lies our idyllic farming village Mandlau, the oldest surviving house dates from 1762. In Mandlau it feels as if time has stood still. Villagers here still rely on each other and still feel connected as one big family. The special thing is that the ages of the villagers vary from young to old.

The area here is very beautiful and natural.


In the vicinity there are already 21 different experiences for young and old, such as: visiting the 100-year-old stalactite caves, the 1000-year-old Burgt of Pottenstein, tobogganing, karting, steep wall climbing, climbing forest, more than 500 km of hiking trails, mountain bike trails etc.


In the immediate vicinity there are also various sights to visit, such as the watchtower "himmelsleiter" looking over Pottenstein, the watchtower Hohenmirsberg, De Burght van Pottenstein and the newest addition in the area called the Skywalk, 2 art-historical Catholic churches in Pottenstein, etc. In other words, you will not get bored. Once attached to this particularly beautiful and friendly environment, you will never want anything else.


Welcome to the mountain bike paradise of Franconian Switzerland!

The land of castles, caves and delights is known for its large number of challenging tours and designated discovery trails of varying degrees of difficulty. The so-called "bicycle link Franconian Switzerland" is currently being gradually expanded, so that mountain bikers have a wide range of options with good public transport connections.

In Pegnitz and Pottenstein you can look forward to a very special treat. According to various cycling magazines, the Pegnitz-Pottenstein Tour is one of the 10 most beautiful MTB routes in Germany. No wonder, because beautiful single trails, tough climbs and tricky descents await the cyclist on this wonderful tour. A tour for the real mountain biker!



A hiking paradise that is second to none

Welcome to Franconian Switzerland! More than 4,500 kilometers of hiking trails through graceful valleys, villages and rocky landscapes are waiting for you to discover. The idyllic hiking area between Bamberg, Nuremberg and Bayreuth has the right hiking offer for every visitor.


The number of beer and brewery walks in which hikers walk from one brewery to the next and get to know and appreciate the diverse beer culture of Franconian Switzerland is unique in Bavaria. On the art and sculpture routes, hikers will encounter special artifacts and works of art that have been lovingly integrated into their natural environment. Guided cave tours, on the other hand, take you to the fascinating underworld. In Franconian Switzerland, families can look forward to short family-friendly hikes with guaranteed adventure. Barrier-free hiking trails complete our offer.

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Climbing is part of Franconian Switzerland. Legendary steep slopes of varying degrees of difficulty await experienced mountaineers and beginners in the Frankenjura, Germany's most famous climbing area. Let's go up the wall!

Climbing has a long tradition in the Frankenjura. For more than 200 years, climbing enthusiasts have been attracted by the attractive low mountain range landscape - not surprising with around 12,000 climbing routes on about 800 individual rocks. The limestone cliffs of the Frankenjura promise a varied and challenging climbing experience with their numerous cracks, chimneys, walls, ridges, overhangs, beer grips and finger holes in the rock. It is not for nothing that climbing icons such as Wolfgang Güllich and Kurt Albert laid the most difficult routes in the bizarre rock formations and thus wrote climbing history.

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Water is your element and canoeing your passion? Then we would like to welcome you to Franconian Switzerland. On a lively boat trip through the idyllic Wiesenttal in the heart of our holiday region, you will paddle past some of the most beautiful sights and enjoy a wonderful view from the water.

Not afraid to cool down? Then rent a canoe or kayak from one of our three providers and set off on the Wiesent. Between May 15 and September 30, the "Franconian Wildwater" offers the only river walk still allowed through Franconian Switzerland - our top tip for friends of easy whitewater.

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